Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tote - for impulsive buys!

If you are like me, I am always finding something to buy then realizing I don't have a bag to put it in!
Well, while surfing for a gift for a friend, I came across this great idea...

So I just bought this great tote.... Unfold this cute little strawberry to pull out a full size reusable tote bag. Use the draw string to keep the strawberry closed and tie to your belt or purse. The tote bag is ideal for carrying around groceries.

The site actually sells purse hangers but the tote was too good to miss...and at $4.99..wowowow


  1. That is a good idea for people like me who always forgets totes in the car!

  2. Nice, Beautiful Blog

    Keep it Up Friend

    Arun Sharma

  3. That is adorable! Unfortunately, I seem to have SO MANY adorable totable totes that I couldn't justify this one, cute as it is - I ALWAYS forget them at home....

  4. I love fold up totes. The strawberry bag is such a cute idea


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