Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stuffed Artichokes

4 artichokes (globe artichokes)
75g anchovy fillets
crushed garlic
150g fresh breadcrumbs
50g olive oil
salt and pepper

Chop the anchovy fillets, garlic, olives and parsley and mix with the breadcrumbs. Add the oil and vinegar and work into a dry paste. Season.
Wash the artichokes and cut off the top. Stuff the breadcrumb mixture in between the leaves.
Place the artichokes upright in a small saucepan. Half cover them with water and add some oil. Cover with a lid, bring to boil and simmer for 1 hour. Serve hot.
How to eat the Artichoke
Make a mixture of oil, vinegar , salt and pepper and put it in a plate.
There is a way to eat the artichokes - Take the outer leaves off one by one and hold like a potato chip. Coat the tip (the part that was attached to the heart of the choke) in the mixture of oil and vinegar, scrape off the tender bits of the bottom of the leaf by putting the leaf in your mouth, closing your teeth on it, and pulling the leaf outwards.
Continue until you get to the smaller center leaves that don't have much meatiness to them. These leaves look a bit different than the outer leaves and often have a translucent quality with a bit of purple on them.
Pull off the center leaves. Depending on how well-cooked the artichoke is, you can sometimes lift off the smaller inner leaves all together for one last dip in the sauces and bite the ends off delicately (but don't eat the sharp tips). They cover a finer, almost hairy growth just on top of the heart of the artichoke. Some people call this part the "choke," which is what you will do if you eat it, as it is very prickly.
Remove the choke using gentle strokes with a fork or the toothed edge of a kitchen knife until you are down to the heart. This is a very important step and often where people go wrong without proper instruction.
The heart of the artichoke is the most prized portion and often the only part restaurant chefs use in their recipes, but at home you can savor the whole artichoke experience.
Instructions on how to eat an artichoke thanks to wikihow


  1. Those look SO good right now. Artichokes with a little balsamic are one of my guiltiest pleasures.
    - Frugal Urbanite

  2. Thanks for the recipe. It is easy to make. I find artichoke very tasty. It is good for health. It is rich in iodine. It reduces cholesterol and improves blood circulation, it is also helpful for diabetic people and is great for liver. It is also good for hair and is excellent treatment for eczema.


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