Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kipferl - Austrian Cookies

Another great recipe given to me by Nikki. These are rather short biscuits, great with coffee or a glass of wine. Very popular around the Christmas season. The central and northern European countries have great recipes for Christmas cookies...hopefully I will find some more!
Just a word of advice...these cookies are not the prettiest to look at...but they taste excellent! You can also dip one side in chocolate to make chocolate kipferl though i personally prefer the original type.

250gms flour
1 egg plus one yolk, beaten
1 pack vanilla sugar
120gms grated, unpeeled roasted almonds
200gms butter or 100gms vegetable oil
grated peel of 1 lemon

Sift flour and sugar.
Add almonds and lemon peel
Add beaten eggs and fats.
Form a dough then roll out strips, cut into about 3" pieces and curve to make 'moon shapes'
Cook at 180C or until brown (about 12 mins) take out of oven a dredge with powdered sugar. Let cool - then dredge with sugar again


  1. Can you kindly advise me the weight of "one pack vanilla sugar" Thanks

  2. 1 pack of vanilla sugar is about one tablespoon


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