Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bambinella - do you know what that is!!

Bambinella is like a tiny pear...and tastes super delicious! I have never seen it anywhere but at home in Malta...and maybe in Sicily though I can't be sure. I don't think there is another word for the fruit though if anyone else had heard of it let me know!

Here's an interesting article about the new export of bambinella...the first time actually and to none other than marks and sparks!

Taken from Business today

A number of farmers affiliated within the Ta Qali Producers Organisation have struck an important deal with Marks & Spencer’s of the UK and have started to export quantities of ‘bambinella’ to the chain store at very competitive prices.Speaking to Business Today, the President of the Ta’ Qali Producers Organisation Peter Axisa expressed his satisfaction with the agreement reached with Marks & Spencer as it opened a brand new ‘niche market’ for Maltese farmers with a unique product.“Next Thursday will see the fourth consignment of bambinella to be exported to the UK in just over four weeks, and farmers are working round the clock to ensure an excellent quality product,” he said.

Marks & Spencer were reportedly quick to contract the Maltese producers for bambinella exports, and asked for immediate consignments of what they are describing as ‘tiny pear’ given that there is no word for bambinella in English.

According to sources, bambinella grows in limited numbers in the UK, and they are considered ripe for harvest later in the year.While a number of new trees are being planted in Kent, the Maltese bambinella has the unique blush that gives them a distinct appearance.

The exported bambinella are being sold in Marks & Spencer flag ship stores around the UK, displaying a Maltese cross, and clearly labelled ‘produced in Malta’.


  1. I have never seen a bambinella before. Since I don't live in Malta or the UK, I will have to wait for some enterprising food importer to start bringing these to North America.

  2. sadly, we do not have these here in the states. I wish I can try one!

  3. g,day all i purchased some bambinella fruit from supermarket here in bairnsdale victoria,i ate the fruit kept the core let it dry out,got the pips planted in garden now have a tree 2mt tall,as yet no fruit plenty of blossoms,so what i did i grafted some cuttings i got of an italian frend from morwell,he as heaps of fruit on is tree,so this year is 1st year to get fruit,fingers xxxxx.

  4. In Australia they are called Paradise Pears. I've just finished munching them....I'm from Malta and I also love them. When I came across them today I bought some immediately!


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