Saturday, May 29, 2010

Burger Challenge

The internet is full of amazing recipes for different types of burgers. I like my burgers made of beef so that is what I focused on. I was surprised too see that the recipe I had in mind could not be found online! My recipe is taken from a burger I ate in Majorca eons ago so I can only vaguely remember it but it was served with bananas! Now before anyone goes UGH..... you have to try this. The flavor of the banana with the combination of beef and sweet pickle is amazing! I did not serve it with fries as I think a salad would make a better accompaniment. I added the onions and tomatoes as a side - I think people like to stack their burger their own way so they are optional. My recipe is almost a build it yourself. Choose your combination!

Ingredients for the burger
10oz brisket
10oz rump
10oz chuck
The bast base for a burger is using different cuts of meat.  I asked the butcher to mince the meats together that way I get a great combination. 
1/2 lb pancetta
1 envelope Liptons onion soup
2 mild pickles (I used Vlasic stackers that are already sliced - about 8 of them)

Chop the pickles into small cubes
Fry the pancetta (don't use any oil, the pancetta will release enough)
Take the pancetta out but keep the oil in the pan
Chop the pancetta
Add the pickles, onion soup, and pancetta to the meat
Add the oil in a drizzle
Mix well (hands do the best job here)
Let stay for about 20 mins (covered)

Caramelized onions
2 large sweet onions, sliced into rings
salt and pepper to taste

Fry on a low heat in the pancetta oil until golden and tender, stirring occasionally. Make sure they don't burn.

Tomato Salad
4 heirloom tomatoes (I chose different colors to look attractive)
Balsamic vinegar (aged if possible)
Olive Oil
salt and Pepper.

Cut tomatoes into wedges, drizzle with oil and vinegar
Season with salt and pepper
Easy huh?

3 bananas, not over ripe, slices lengthwise 3 times
Fry in butter until brown.
Take out of pan and put on kitchen paper to absorb the excess butter.

Now you can build your burger!
I grilled my burgers on the BBQ but a grill pan would do fine. I like by burgers medium rare but again it's a matter of choice.
I then used a poppy-seed bun, which I lightly toasted, put the burger in between, added the bananas on top and had the onions and tomatoes as a side. 


  1. I've never seen bananas added on to a burger before! I'll have to try that soon! Good luck!

  2. I haven't see that either but it sounds pretty good. I'll do some experimenting.

  3. Glad to have you back on Foodiefights! Very creative and fun as always.

  4. I tried this burger out and it is really delicious. The pancetta gives it a very subtle taste. The pickles make it really juicy and complement the fried banana on top. Compliments to the chef!!!!!


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