Friday, May 21, 2010

Quick and easy salad

I paid a visit to La Buona Tavola in Seattle and bought some amazing truffle salt. It seems expensive but a tiny pinch goes a long way and the taste is amazing. Just a dash of it on a salad makes such a difference.
Trying to make up for my over indulgence, I decided to stick to a salad today. Fast and easy. I used some baby spinach leaves, an avocado, a large tomato and some cubed cheese. Can't remember the name but again bought on my trip. I think it was a creamy type of cheese buy you can use any type. I made a dressing using balsamic vinegar, a dash of the truffle salt, some olive oil and pepper. Added a few basil leaves and DONE!
Nothing very original but I thought I'd share the truffle salt with you! You can buy it on line so no excuses!!


  1. Refreshing and Yummy, not to mention, healthy. Thanks

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