Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I just got back from Seattle...and boy did i eat! Thanks to my IATA card, I got a great deal at the Fairmont Olympic where the food was amazing! Stupid me I only had my phone to take pictures with so the quality of the pictures is not that good. Kudos goes to the chef, Gavin Stephenson. I generally am not a fan of hotel cuisine but this experience only proved that the best hotels do have the best food. (maybe I previously stayed at sub standard hotels!?)
This is the outside of the hotel

When we arrived it was tea time...so we checked in and had our tea...
We went for a walk to see our surroundings, and wok up an appetite (like I need any help to do that)  and them it was time for dinner..
The restaurant was impeccable, the service made us feel like film stars and the food was to die for!
Presentation was also the best...I am at a loss for words!
We started with the amuse bouche...my bouche was very amused I must say! Sadly the pics did not come out well...
The bread was served with different kinds of butter - plain butter, sage butter, tarragon butter and balsamic vinegar butter...
We ordered off the menu of the day which was starters, main and a dessert...
The pork had this amazing mash potato that had a mushroom puree mixed in. What a great idea and so easy to make. The taste was delicate yet so full of flavour!

The mash potatoes were served in a 'cylinder' made of fried potato and the mash was them put in it. You can see it on the top left of the picture. The fillet of pork was cooked to perfection and the sauce was out of this world!
The Georgian Restaurant is known for it's souffl├ęs and this was a white and dark chocolate one. So light and fluffy, covered with powdered sugar, chocolate and and chocolate covered strawberry with a side of cream...
As you can imagine I slept VERY well that night!

My next post will be about Pike Place Market...I was told this is a much to visit and it sure is!
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