Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Foodie Exchange - Toronto with Arizona

Whats fun!! and i got CHOCOLATES!! yummm
Some very interesting vinegar, and lime rub..this was a great exchange!

I would encourage more people to sign up as this is proving to be a great way to taste different foods.

Can't wait for the next package to arrive from Australia!!!


  1. Ooh that looks like a good one, I wonder how long the chocolate will last ;) Your package from Australia is hopefully almost with you! I hope!

  2. Oh I am soooooo glad it arrived - was dubious it would make it through customs!!! Enjoy! (and yes, Conor's right - I wonder how long it will last that chocolate!)

  3. How fun! I love getting packages, especially with food!

  4. This looks like fun- where do you sign up?!

  5. Glad to see your exchange making head way. Wish I had the funds to participate! BTW you are on the foodie blog roll widget today-YEAH!

  6. signing up is easy: either click on the link at the top of the page or go to


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