Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Portable Knife from the Cooking Club of America

Sometime ago I signed up to join a club, Cooking Club of America (http://www.cookingclub.com/). In the process to become a member,you can opt to become a product tester. The Club will send certain products to members that needed to be tested and reviewed. You test it, and fill out a product test card and send the review card back within a certain amount of time. The product is yours to keep for free- really it is!

The product I received to test is called On-The-Go Portable Knife. It is an 8 inch stainless steel knife that has its own protective case. All in all I didn't really like the knife. Nevertheless, it is lightweight, and comfortable to use. I know it is supposed to be compact and portable but I thought the handle was just a tiny bit short. The protective case stops you from having a blade exposed but seems a little cheap and unless you realize that there is a button to press, you could have trouble taking the knife out.It was sharp (like a knife should be) and sliced through the food  easily - I kept it because it was free but I would not have bought it myself.

Hopefully, the next test items wil be better!

I was also given the opportunity to purchase a really great cook book for just $10.99. Thats was definitely worth the price and I would have bought it - but I already have too many cook books!!

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