Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cheese and wine party

What could be easier, and more fun than a cheese and wine party?!
Here are some tips for success.
There a some basic types of cheese to choose from - one of each will make an excellent platter Don't get more than 3 to 5 varieties however, or their tastes will be overwhelming. For each person, calculate an ounce of each cheese.
 1. Blue: The most intense.
Gorgonzola  Cashel Blue, Fourme d’Ambert, Roquefort, Stilton. 
 2. Semifirm: Subtle but rich.
Manchego cave-aged Cheddar, fontina, Garrotxa, Saint-Nectaire. 
 3. Super-aged: Sharp and nutty.
Parmigiano-Reggiano Asiago, Comté, aged Gouda, aged Gruyère. 

David Prince 

 4. Pungent: (smelly cheese!)
Taleggio Èpoisses, Langres, Livarot, Pont l’Évêque. 
 5. Mild: Soft and creamy. 
Fresh chèvre  Brie, Camembert, Chaource, Robiola. 

You will also need some accompaniments like grapes, a crusty baguette or two, some crackers, sun dried tomatoes, some parma ham and some figs, fresh or dried will do! ah yes...pears also make a good accompaniment! Also,  some really good butter, maybe a dried sausage or two...well the list can go on and on!

Now for the wine:
Red or white will do as long as they dont clash terribly!

Now the fun!!
set out the cheeses and a platter, decorate with some of the accompaniments. You can also get some chutney to go with the cheese.

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