Monday, March 22, 2010

Migliaccio Napoletano

Migliaccio is a classic Neapolitan specialty, something I've never come across anywhere else. Its flavor is similar to pastiera di grano,another Neapolitan sweet, made with ricotta and grain,  And it's easy to make! It is traditionally made during carnival in Naples. It is rather calorific but worth the splurge!
250 gr semolina
1 lt milk
1 packet vanilla sugar
bit of butter
6 eggs
200 gr sugar
400 gr ricotta
lemon peel
orange peel
grated lemon peel
   pinch of salt
Put the milk in a pan and slowly sprinkle the semolina on it
Mix well
Put onto the fire and add the lemon and orange peel and a pinch of salt
Bring to a slow boil and remove the peel.
Keep stirring until cooked.
Add the butter.
When the butter melts, stir and let cool down.
In another bowl, mix the ricotta, vanilla sugar and the eggs.
Add the sugar and the lemon peel.
Beat well ( you can use an electric mixer here)
Add the well cooled semolina mixture and mix well.
Put into a well greased cake tin.
Cook at about 360F/180C until golden brown

Sprinkle with icing sugar.


  1. Louise doubt if we can find vanilla sugar in Malta, can you please tell us the amount needed and if we can replace it with anything else say sugar plus ....

  2. you can find vanilla sugar in Malta - its made by Oetker and comes in small packets. I remember buying it often from the supermarkets


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