Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quik Stik Lite Lemonade - product review


A really good alternative to water or soda. We are trying to loose weight and need to drink often so this makes a change from water

With the Sqwincher "Lite" Qwik Stik, you can enjoy the great taste you expect from Sqwincher available without any carbohydrates or calories in these convenient, single-serve pouches. Just tear open the handy pouch, add to your favorite 20 oz. bottled water, shake the bottle gently and enjoy all the benefits of Sqwincher "Lite". A perfect solution for diabetics or anyone who monitors their overall daily intake of carbohydrates and calories. "Lite" contains the same electrolyte content as regular Sqwincher (high in potassium and low in sodium to aid the body in replenishing essential elements lost to heat stress and fatigue) without carbohydrates or sugars.

  • Sqwincher helps prevent dehydration and lost work time by enabling the body to quickly absorb replacement minerals
  • Simply tear open the Qwik Stik and add to a 20 oz. bottle of water
  • Zero carb / zero calorie formula
  • Single-serve Sqwincher Lite pouches are easy to store and transport

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