Friday, November 19, 2010

Omelette Souffle

The telegraph on line has some of the best recipes.

Check out their site here. I couldn't resist this recipe - it takes the humble omelette  and turns it into a souffle


  • 2-3 eggs (per person)
  •  filling of your choice i.e cheese and onion or mushroom


  • Seperate the egg yolks. 

    Whisk the egg whites until stiff like a meringue mix. 

    Fold in the yolks just before cooking.

    If the filling includes onion or mushroom, saute in a small knob of lard for a few minutes before adding the omelette mix on top.

    If using grated cheese, sprinkle on top.

    Turn only once if possible, folding over in half and cooking slowly to dry out the mixture.

    I find it better to make one at a time as the whites will become watery whilst cooking the first, reducing the light, fluffy texture.

1 comment:

  1. I love souffle's but they never come out well when I attempt to make them.


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